Vision, Mission, Values

Hopeful futures Foundation’s mission is to decrease poverty and illiteracy in the most marginalized communities in Africa by providing quality education and education materials.

We seek a world in which poverty, gender, and geographical location are not barriers to quality primary and secondary education.

Principles and values:

Hopeful Futures recognizes that it is a semi-public entity entrusted with resources and reputation prestige in order that it may better seek to achieve meritorious objectives aligned with a common good. The actions of Hopeful Futures will be consistent with its core aspirations and its leadership and staff will not use their position for personal advantage of any kind, and especially for inappropriate personal financial gain. Hopeful Futures will show fidelity to trust and due care in the execution of our mission.

To the extent that Hopeful Futures influences other parties in society to further its objectives it will – as a mark of the quality of its approach – be transparent regarding:

  • mission and objectives,
  • values and principles,
  • governance,
  • actions, and
  • The means to achieve its objectives.

Scrutiny is only restricted to protect legitimate expectations of personal privacy or to sustain the confidentiality that is required in the daily operations.
In addition, in dealing with governments, corporations, international organizations, Hopeful Futures is always clear and honest about the interests it represents and the extent to which it speaks on behalf of members, donors, beneficiaries, or other stakeholders.

Hopeful Futures will disclose all legal, organizational or financial ties with corporations, governments, or other organizations that may materially affect the intentions, activities and impact of the NGO.
Hopeful Futures demonstrates a general respect for the law – international as well as national. We take notice of all legal issues and obligations relevant to decision making. Hopeful Futures is to be held accountable for the lawfulness of all decisions.
Accountability: Hopeful Futures will annually produce a public report on all activities that are undertaken to realize the mission and stated objectives. The report will contain adequate and sufficient information for the stakeholders to take cognizance of and to evaluate the NGO’s:

  • organization
  • activities
  • programs
  • fund raising
  • financial performance

Hopeful Futures will aim for sustainability in all projects. For our projects to truly succeed, we must and will obtain or create the necessary funds to ensure our projects grow with and for the local communities. Each project will be created to last for generations, not years.

Hopeful Futures will work with local communities as partners in order to build capacity and empower. Hopeful Futures will aim to have each project handed over to the local community for management after the initial stages of the project. By doing this, Hopeful Futures will be able to move on to new challenges and avoid creating dependent relationships.

Though it is a fact sometimes lost on the Western World, Africa is a continent, as culturally diverse as any other. We will remain flexible in our approach while maintaining our focus on our ultimate aims. Through differences in language, region, nationality, religion and tribes, we will hold to those truths that bind us all together – the hope for a better future for our children…